About our cattle

Santa Gertrudis

We raise our calves on good quality pasture and their mama’s milk. Our herd is Santa Gertrudis, a breed proven to be one of the world's leading and most efficient producers of quality beef. Our cattle are given no growth hormones or steroids; they are not fattened on grain; they are not fed antibiotics.

Our current herd sire is a purebred polled Herford bull named “Johnny Cash” for his breeder and because he sings to his "ladies." Our Gert cows also play an important role in this cross-breeding programs by making significant contributions in both maternal and growth traits. With Johnny we create outstanding female calves or “red motts”, which are in high demand as mama cows and annually are sold to other breeders as F1 replacement females. Our male calves are allowed to grow in the pasture alongside their mothers and eventually are sold in our grass-fed beef program each fall. 

We value our Gerts for their excellent mothering abilities, adaptation to our Southern climate, excellent growing rates, and wonderful beef while we continually work to improve the genetics of our herd with exceptional females. Our cattle are raised humanely in a natural, low-stress environment; each one has a name and is a friend. We spend time with our cattle every day.