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Sapelo Farms' Flower CSA



CSA stands for community supported agriculture. You, as a member of our community, are the support that our family farm requires to exist. When you join our CSA, you essentially become part of our farm. You are agreeing to purchase a series of bouquets from us for a set period of time. This allows us to better plan, grow and harvest because we are assured of a sale for our blooms. It allows you to enjoy the best seasonal flowers at the peak of their beauty.

 By purchasing directly from our farm, CSA members support their local economy,  foster community support,  join us in becoming stewards of the  land, and help local family farmers like us continue to operate. 

What's involved in joining CSA?

For 2019, our CSA will operate on a monthly basis. For $15 a week, members will receive a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers. Bouquets are available for pickup on Tuesdays.

What's in a bouquet?

Each week, members will receive an email detailing the contents of the bouquet, as well as care tips and farm updates. We hope that these emails will help to connect our CSA members to our farm, to allow them to understand and share in the joys of farm life.

What if I cannot pick up my share?

If you are out of town or unable to pick up your share, please consider asking a friend or co-worker to enjoy it. Since we cannot put our harvest on hold, a commitment to CSA means that your share will be harvested every week for the month you have purchased.

What if the farm cannot provide flowers?

We are at the mercy of Mother Nature. While we will do everything in our power to make sure that flowers are available, if we suffer a major crop loss we will either refund your money for the weeks you do not receive flowers or add additional bouquets to another month for you to enjoy.

How can I become a CSA member?

If you'd like to join, please email us. We will respond promptly to let you know if a space is available and how to arrange payment. Payment must be made before your first pickup. 

Join our CSA (or ask more questions!)