About Sapelo Farms' goat meat

Goat meat

Our goat meat has been served at restaurants including The Grey in  Savannah  and Southern Soul BBQ on St Simons Island. Recipes have  included  everything from tacos to sausages, curries to meatballs. Goat  meat is an  incredibly healthy source of lean, red meat that is  sustainable and delicious.  

Our goats

Our goats thrive on the green, rolling pastures and clear creek water of  our farm. They are born here, never given hormones or unnecessary  antibiotics, and slaughtered just a short trip away. We do everything  possible to ensure that we are raising delicious meat in a humane and  sustainable manner. 

Available seasonally

We offer our 6 month old goats for goat meat twice a year: spring and  fall. We sell whole goats only, priced at $6.25lb hanging weight, which  is generally $200-225. Our butcher can cut the meat to any  specifications you desire. Interested? 

Goat meat will be available for pickup in September. Reserve now!