Beef Information


What our customers are saying about our beef

"Melt in your mouth"
"Great texture"
"Nice flavor"
and our butcher said, "Your beef gets better every year, I do not know how you do it!"  

Details about our beef

The beef we are offering will be from seven month old calves that are  born  and raised here on the farm. They have never been given hormones of any kind. Our beef is available as a whole or half only. Because we will not know the final weight of the beef until it is butchered and hung, we are unable to tell you the exact price on a whole or half of a beef. The following information is based on estimates ONLY.

Our  calves weigh approximately 700lbs live  weight. We estimate that the beef  will be approximately 375-450lbs for a  whole beef or 190-225lbs for a half.The breakdown of cuts of beef (by  weight) is 25% steaks, 30-35%  roasts, 5% soup bones and stew meat and  the remainder in ground beef.  This breaks down further into round/cubed  steak, T-bone, sirloin, rib, rump roast, chuck roast, shoulder roast,  stew meat, hamburger, soup bone and liver (if requested). 

Understanding hanging weight

Our beef is sold based on its "hanging weight". Hanging weight is  defined  as the carcass weight minus the head, hide and entrails. The hanging  weight is approximately 50% - 60% of the live animal weight, and therefore you are not charged any of the waste product. So, a 500lb calf would have a hanging weight of approximately 250lbs. After the beef is aged, it is then cut and wrapped. At this time some of the bone  is  removed from the meat. Therefore, the total amount of beef you receive will differ from the hanging weight. You should expect to  receive  between 60-65% of the hanging weight as cut, wrapped meat.

The cost of a whole beef is $5.25 per lb. The cost of half a beef is $5.75 per lb.
There is a $400 deposit for a whole beef and $200 for half due to reserve your beef.
A second deposit of the same amount is due the week before your beef is butchered.
The remainder of the full price of the beef is due when you pick your beef up from the farm.

If you have never ordered beef in bulk, before please research to make sure that this option is right for you.
Please  remember the following: When you purchase a whole or half of a  beef,  you are purchasing exactly that. Most of your meat will be roasts  and  hamburg, not steaks.
Again, the breakdown of cuts of beef (by weight)  is 25% steaks, 30-35%  roasts, 5% soup bones and stew meat and the  remainder in ground beef.  This breaks down further into round/cubed  steak, T-bone, sirloin, rib,  rump roast, chuck roast or steak, shoulder  roast or steak, stew meat,  hamburger, soup bone and liver (if  requested).

As a rule of thumb, one cubic foot of freezer  space  will hold 35-40 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. (Note that the  inside of  a milk crate is approximately 1 cubic foot.) Beef stores in a  freezer  for 9-12 months without loss of quality. Ground beef can be  stored for  3-4 months. Most meat items can be safely stored for longer  periods, but  they lose some quality.

We will do our best to provide you with  an  accurate estimate of beef weight and cost; however, we have no way of   knowing the final cost until the meat has been processed.
We estimate that a whole beef will cost between $2300 and $2700. 

A sample beef package

5 packages short ribs 1 boneless brisket 1 rump roast
5 packages T-bone steaks (2 per package)
4 filet mignon
5 packages rib steaks (2 per package)
7 sirloin steaks
14 round steak—plain
8 chuck steak
24 packages hamburger (2lbs per package)
5 packages rib steak
2 packages shoulder steak
2 packages of liver
soup bone

Heart, tongue and oxtail are available for those customers purchasing a whole beef.

Be aware that this is a sample of beef, this is what our beef returned. Yields will vary depending on the size of the calf.

Note that there is a $400 non-refundable deposit for a whole beef and $200 for half.
If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email the farm.