Goat meat is available for ordering now!

About our goats

Our  first goats came from a  barrier island off the coast of Georgia with  the promise that they would  "eat all of the weeds on the farm." While  they failed at their mission,  they succeeded in charming us with their  personalities and in producing  delicious goat meat that we market to  individuals and restaurants. We  cannot imagine the farm without them.

About bottle baby goats


Why bottle babies?

When our nannies have more than two kids, we take the remaining kids and raise them on baby bottles and powered milk. We do this because we believe it is better for our nannies and for the kids. Three, four or even five kids are simply too much for one nanny to raise.


Goats as pets

Goats make great pets. They are friendly, social and lots of fun! Our bottle babies are the perfect addition to any farm or large, well-fenced yard. Just remember: goats need shelter from bad weather and very good fencing to keep them in and predators out.


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Our next bottle babies are slated for spring 2020. Please check our site for updates.