Fresh flowers

Flowers from the farm

We've always grown flowers, around our homes and in our gardens. Heirloom flowers, wildflowers, "passed along" plants that our great aunts grew around their homes.

At our new farm, we wanted flowers to take a more central role in who we are and what we do.

Flowers bring us a sense of peace, of quiet beauty and happiness that makes everything in our home and lives feel better. We love having fresh flowers on our tables, in our living rooms, in our lives.

So we've been planting and growing, cutting and arranging, much as we have for many, many years, but now with a focus on sharing the beauty flowers give.

We select the flowers we grow for their seasonal beauty: their aroma, their vivid colors and shapes, their unique, heirloom value.

For the most part, we are growing old varieties, the flowers that our grandmothers and great grandmothers grew. We hope that they will bring joy to others as well.

Where to purchase

We are happy to discuss custom orders for flowers or to let you know what is available now. We sell bouquets at the SORO (South Rome) Market on Tuesdays. In addition, Studio Siri in Rome has generously agreed to display and sell a limited number of our bouquets each week.